Celebrating the Festivals


I understand that only men are required to keep the feasts in the Torah, but I also understand that Passover is a family-oriented occasion. Those who are “unclean” may not keep the Passover. According to my understanding, a woman when niddah is considered ritually “unclean,” but she can prepare food for her husband and family to eat. I am wondering about a woman while niddah keeping the Passover. Can she be present and participate?

5 months


  1. First of all, all of the Festivals in the Jewish year are kept by both men and women alike. Women are obligated to keep the Festivals just as men are. And there is absolutely no prohibition against women who are niddah being a part of the festivities, and there is no problem with them preparing food and other necessities for the Festival. I hope this answer is clear and helpful.

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