Can One Write Bad Reviews About a Jewish Business or Yeshiva?




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I was wondering, if one had a bad experience at a yeshiva, is one halachically allowed to write a public review about it, on websites such as google, simply explaining what negative events happened, without mixing in any exaggerated opinions, in order to warn others what they are thinking of getting into? Similar question goes for Jewish-owned businesses



  1. What an interesting question!

    I really feel that one should avoid writing for such websites. The reasons are varied.

    First, as a rule people are less than objective when it comes to their own very personal experiences – be it while in Yeshiva, or through their pockets and their stomachs. Someone may criticize a restaurant for a reason that is purely subjective (maybe the waiter was not as polite as the reviewer would have expected etc.). On top of that, peoples tastes are different and what is not acceptable to one person is another person’s favorite dish. I once saw a very deep little message in a children’s book that said “There is no such thing as bad taste – only other peoples’ taste”.

    Second, such reviews can directly impact the workforce’s livelihood in a very negative way and cause incredible anguish to each worker and their family.

    Third, while it might be true that a person has a valid complaint about the Yeshiva/business, airing it in a public forum would invariably transgress many Laws of Lashon Hara and would be forbidden. When there is such a grievance it would be correct to ask a local authority who is an expert in the Laws of Lashon Hara how to proceed.

    Best wishes from the Team