Bnei Anusim on Shabbat


I am a bat anusim with 4 generations maternal genealogy and evidences awaiting to meet with the beit din for review of my case. In searching for a synagogue to learn Torah with, I was suggested by the local orthodox rabbi to drive to Shabbat services to begin experiencing Jewish communal life. When I asked if I could leave after Havdalah, he said I shouldn’t stay for it.

Can a ben or bat anusim in the process of a giur le’chumra drive to synagogue on Shabbat, or be asked to do one counter-mitzvah as a standard ger would?

Can they light nerot, make kiddush, and havdalah?

As a bat anusim, should women be treated like a geriah or counted as a Jewess?

Thank you.



  1. As far as I am aware, Bnei Anusim are not considered to be Jewish until a recognized Bet Din accepts them as being Jewish. However, due to the sensitivity of your question, I think that it requires a Talmid Chacham of exceptional stature, who is capable of giving you definitive rulings. Personally, I think that the best person to ask is Rav Osher Weiss. Rav Osher Weiss is one of the most influential Poskim in our generation. He speaks English, Hebrew and Yiddish fluently, he is warm and compassionate and is a world-recognized authority on all facets of Jewish Law. Rav Osher Weiss can be reached through

    Best wishes from the Team