Binding of Isaac


If God promises Abraham about Isaac and his offspring…. and God MADE Abraham believe strongly in that promises… So, wouldn’t it be be an obvious mistake after that to test Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?! You see the contradiction? It is one of two: sacrification or making hopes in Isaac!

2 years


  1. The Rabbis and the commentaries on the Torah ask the same question! In a nutshell, the Sages teach us that the “sacrifice” of Isaac comes to teach us that we must aspire to do whatever God demands of us even if it seems to be completely illogical and even goes against everything that God has told us up until now.

    For a better perspective of the Binding of Isaac I strongly recommend that you try to obtain a copy of the Stone Chumash published by ArtScroll (, which is the Torah with a modern translation and excellent footnotes.

    Best wishes from the Team