Benefits of Eating Kosher


What are the benefits of eating kosher?

1 year


  1. The primary benefit of eating Kosher is that a Jew is doing what God commanded him to do. There are no particular health benefits when eating Kosher food but the Rabbis teach that when a Jew subjugates himself to God he is bringing the most incredible delight to God.

    Few activities are as instinctive as eating, and few activities have such a profound impact on us physiologically, psychologically and spiritually, as eating. Many people do not give much thought to when, what and how they eat until their cardiologist tells them to lower their cholesterol or their friends begin to ask if they are pregnant (for men this question is especially disturbing). Jews who observe the Jewish dietary laws (Kashrut), however, must make regular decisions about what they eat, when they eat it and how they prepare their food; so that for the observant Jew eating ceases to be a totally instinctive activity. The dietary laws force us to stop and think about daily activities and deter us from going through life in auto-pilot.

    In order to understand what the Torah wants us to think about, and to understand the philosophy and rationale of the dietary laws it is necessary to be at least superficially familiar with the kashrut laws themselves.

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