Being Up to the Challenge


Dear Rabbi,

A relative is showing interest in Jewish observance and has questions and issues (such as family) to work through. I would like to help but I do not know how. What advice do you have for me? Thank you so much!



  1. It sounds like both you and your relative are facing an important challenge. Things may sound somewhat unpleasant now but please keep a positive outlook that you will both be successful. For what it is worth, I offer my hope and prayers that your concerns are resolved very soon in a very positive way.

    One practical thing you can do is to encourage your relative to write us at with any questions. In addition, I personally would recommend that you try contacting the Gateways Organization’s Main Office directly. Their contact information is:
    Phone: 800-722-3191 – 845-352-0393

    Please tell them that you made initial contact with their Ask the Rabbi site and that you were encouraged to contact them directly for more personalized guidance and mentorship as needed.

    Best wishes from the Team