Bathroom Blessing


Do religious Jews really saw a blessing after using the bathroom? Thanks!

3 years


  1. Yes. We say a beautiful blessing referred to as “asher yatzar” every time after using the bathroom. This blessing praises God for administering our body functions and maintaining our health. It relates to the Divine intelligence we see in the wonders of the human body, stressing the function of the “innumerable apertures, the innumerable orifices” which open and close in turn with precision, like the valves of the heart, the respiratory system and the digestive system. “If but one were ruptured, or but one were blocked, it would be impossible to remain alive and stand before You, God.”

    The words “asher yatzar” appear at the beginning of the blessing and refer to God, “Who formed man with wisdom.” The entire text of the blessing can be found in any Siddur and in many places this text is posted on a wall just outside of the bathroom for convenience.

    This blessing is mentioned in the Talmud as one of the blessings compiled by the sages of the Great Assembly (circa 300-500 BCE).

    Best wishes from the Team