Bat Mitzvah Blessing


I have been asked to give a blessing at the Bat Mitzvah of our dear friends daughter Rebecca. Her passion is music and singing. Can you reccomed a hebrew phrase or words to a blessing which I can say to her having to do with music and singing? Perhaps singing to God a new song, her own song? Something like that… Thank you!

15 years


  1. Mazal Tov! May G-d bless Rebecca that she grow up to be an integral member of the Jewish People!

    I don’t know about a particular phrase but I can think of beautiful Blessing that you can give to Rebecca. According to Rabbinical Tradition, see Pirkei d’Rabbi Eliezer, when the brothers wanted to tell Jacob that Joseph was still alive and the viceroy of Egypt, they were scared that the shock would be too much for him to bear. To avoid any unhappy reactions they sent Serach, the daughter of Asher, first to prepare him. How did she do it? Serach was a very accomplished musician and she appeared before Jacob with her harp and played and sang to him a special song that she had composed telling Jacob that Joseph was alive and well and of his greatness. Her song was so soothing and pleasing to Jacob that he blessed her with a long and happy life – and that blessing came to fruition.

    I think that it could be very apt to tell that story and to bless Rebecca that she bring as much joy and happiness in to the world as Serach did and to give her the same blessing that Jacob gave for a long and fulfilled life.

    Best wishes from the Team