Baruch Hashem l’Olam


Shalom aleichem Rabbi Lauffer. Thank you for answering my last question. If someone is in the middle of the long blessing “Baruch Hashem l’olam” that is recited right before maariv shemoneh esrei, is he allowed to say “amen” to the chazan when the chazan says the bracha “Baruch atah Hashem, Shomer amo Yisrael l’ad,” that is said before the “Baruch Hashem l’olam” long bracha? Thanks.



  1. I must confess to not knowing the answer to your question! I have lived in Israel for forty years and the minhag here is not to say it at all. I would assume that you should not answer amen as you are in the middle of a Bracha but I would suggest that you ask a local authority what is the correct thing to do.

    Best wishes from the Team