Bacteria in the Cafeteria


Why is yogurt with live acidopilus and bifidus cultures kosher to eat if we are not allowed to eat bugs?

9 months


  1. Good question. Now let me ask you one: Why are we allowed to breathe? Zillions of microorganisms are floating around in the air, and we swallow some with every breath.

    The answer: The Torah prohibits bugs only if they can be seen by the naked eye. Organisms seen only with the aid of a microscope are kosher.

    The logic is like this: The Torah was given to human beings, not angels. Its laws are geared to normal human experience. Bugs we see in ‘real life’ are forbidden. ‘Invisible’ ones – which seem like they exist only in a laboratory – are not forbidden.

    When improved microscopes brought improved awareness of microscopic organisms, some people suggested that perhaps we should filter our water to avoid consuming the organisms. A renowned rabbi responded: “If you give a nickel to charity while holding it under a magnifying glass, do you get credit as though you gave a dime?”

    Speaking of germs: Three amoebae are sitting on a park bench. Suddenly, one of them jumps up and runs off.

    “Hey! Where did Harry go?” one asks the other.

    “Guess he had to split.”

    Best wishes from the Team