Aron Departing


When a person dies, what does it mean when they say ‘ARON departs from the area’?

5 months


  1. I am not sure that I know. The word “aron” means a box, and it is the term used for a coffin. It is possible that the phrase is referring to when and where the funeral will take place. It may refer to the coffin leaving from a certain place at a certain time for the cemetery for the funeral mitzvah and procession.

    Another possible explanation is that a person is compared to a Torah Scroll. The storage place of a Torah Scroll is in a Holy Aron, a Holy Ark. After a person passes from This World, it is a fitting description to say that the person – who was a living Torah Scroll – and is now “stored” in his Holy Ark – has departed the area, meaning that he has departed This World.

    Best wishes from the Team