Appropriate Holiday Card


Hello, I am not Jewish but my Manager at work is. I want to acknowledge her special religious holidays in the same way as she does mine. I have purchased a card for the Jewish New Year, and I want to give it to her, however I am concerned that this may be inappropriate coming from a Christian. Can you please help. Thank you.

16 years


  1. It is great that you would like to acknowledge the Jewish holidays, and also wonderful that you are sensitive about how to do it. The truth be told, it is very standard practice within the Jewish community to send a New Year card to others before the Jewish New Year. Most newsagents etc. will have Jewish New Year cards, and if you are even near Carlisle St. East St. Kilda there are Jewish book and gift stores there with a wide selection of Jewish New Year cards. I don’t think that your boss (or I) would be offended by a card from a Christian, we do share many beliefs in common (The Bible, for example) and there is no reason that we cannot wish well to each other.

    Keep well.

    Best wishes from the Team