Anti German Feelings


hello, I have had an experience about a year ago that to this day I have found myself unable to adequately move on from. First of, I am a twenty-eight year old german. I have lived in the United States for roughly six years and this particular incident happened at a party in Santa Monica, California. I was with a group of friends when we were introduced to a girl roughly our age with whom we had quite a pleasant conversation with until she remarked I had a slight accent she couldn’t quite place. I told her I was german, to which she responded ‘oh, I hate germans, I am jewish’, turned around and walked away. now I know why she felt this way and I think she has every right to, yet I felt angered by personally being blamed for something I obviously had nothing to do with (being 28 means I was born in 1977). again, this incident has not let me go ever since. I am not sure whether it was me who simply missed something or her who was unjust in treating me this way. I would like to hear your opinion on this matter. thank you, chris.



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