Anointing the Passover Lamb?


Recently, I heard a person teaching that the Passover lamb would have its feet anointed with oil six days before Passover. Then it’s head anointed with oil 2 days before Passover. They reference Exo 12. But the only thing I find in Exo 12 seams to contradict that idea. On the 10th of the month to pick and bring the lamb in, then on the 14th day is Passover. This would make it hard to anoint the lambs feet 6 days before Passover. Is there a tradition I do not know about or is there something in Lev. That speaks to this 6 days and 2 days before idea. I have never heard of anything like this.



  1. There is no such concept. The Passover Lamb had to be specifically designated for all those that would eat on Passover night. But there is no such thing as having to anoint its feet and head.

    Best wishes from the Team