Angel Dumah


Does the angel dumah works as a punisher of wicked people under god’s command?

2 years


  1. According to the Zohar the angel, Dumah, is in charge of the punishments that are meted out to those souls that are sent to Gehinom. Everything that the angel Dumah does is being done at the instruction of God. The Jewish concept of hell, called Gehinom or purgatory, shares no resemblance to Christian hell. Jewish Traditional Sources teach that Gehinom is a place where Souls are sent – only if the Soul is in need of some form of spiritual correction. A Soul, depending on the need for correction, can spend up to a year in Gehinom. However, the maximum time is “only” twelve months, there is no concept whatsoever of being in Gehinom for an indefinite period of time, i.e. eternal damnation. Once a Soul has been through the necessary process of correction, the Soul is welcomed into the World to Come to join all the other Souls in the World of Truth.

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