An “Upside-Down” World


Dear Rabbi,

I learned that one rabbi had a dream about the World to Come, and that it was an upside down world where the uplifted in This World become humbled, and the humbled in This World become uplifted.

What does it mean to be uplifted or humbled in the World to Come? Does it mean to become rich or poor? Apparently this story does no’t mean that we have to be homeless to become uplifted in the World to Come, does it?

Thank you!




  1. The story is not referring to anything physical at all.

    In the World to Come everything is spiritual. There is no physicality at all.

    The story is teaching us that here, in this physical world, we mistakenly imagine that all things we view as being significant are truly important.

    This is why all people who are honored in this world only on account of their great wealth and enormous power are in fact “nothing” in the World to Come. And all those who are ignored and disregarded in this world because they spend their time eschewing physicality for spiritual pursuits, will be regarded with enormous admiration in the World to Come.

    Best wishes from the Team