Amidah Similarities and Differences


Facts that I know:
(1) The first 3 brachot and the last 3 brachot are the same in all Amidah prayers (Shacharit, Mincha, Maariv), except bracha 7 is Sim Shalom at Shacharit and
Shalom Rav at Mincha and Maariv.
(2) There is no Kedusha in Maariv Amidah.
(3) The middle bracha is one bracha for Shabbat and 13 brachot for weekdays.

(Q1) Are Weekday Shacharit and Weekday Mincha amidahs exactly the same?
(Q2) Do the words in the Kedushah change?
Weekday Shacharit vs Weekday Mincha,
Weekday Shacharit vs Shabbat Shacharit,
Weekday Mincha vs Shabbat Mincha




  1. 1) Yes, except for, as you write, one very slight difference. The final blessing of the Shacharit Amidah begins with the words “Sim Shalom,” whereas in the Mincha Amidah the final blessing begins with the words “Shalom Rav.”

    2) The Kedusha is the same for both Shacharit and Mincha.

    3) The Shabbat Shacharit Kedusha is different than that of during the week.

    4) The Kedusha is the same for both Shabbat Mincha and the weekday Mincha.

    Best wishes from the Team