Am I Still Jewish?


Dear Rabbi, I do not follow the Jewish dietary laws nor do I celebrate any holidays. But my parents are Jewish and I have tried to live a good and decent life. Am I still a Jew?



  1. Yes, absolutely! You are Jewish and I hope and pray that you will still have the opportunity to experience some of the most enchanting and sublime experiences of the Jewish way of life.

    It is never too late to put out feelers and to see if there is an appropriate community near you. There may be one you that you will enjoy sharing in their Jewish educational and social events. There is also a real possibility that they will also appreciate connecting with you and gain from being with you!

    There are also numerous learning opportunities available for everyone regardless of their age and their religious observance. These opportunities exist not only in person but also over the phone and by remote connection.

    I do not know if you have looked, but I suggest you check out the Gateways Organization’s website ( to see if there are any classes, events or activities that appeal to you (I am sure that some will!). And please do not hesitate to make contact with them if you find something that appeals to you.

    Whatever you do, I wish you much happiness and success and invite you to write again to the Gateways’ “Ask the Rabbi” service with any questions you may have about Judaism.

    Best wishes from the Team