Absolved from the Obligation of Mincha


If one is driving while it is nearing sunset and there is no safe place to stop the car to daven Mincha, would it be permitted to daven while driving and sit for Shmonah Esrei, provided one’s driving is not distracted and safety is not compromised?



  1. No, absolutely not. Mincha requires concentration and it is impossible to daven properly while davening and anyone whop does is putting their life in danger, as well as the lives of all those on the road with them.

    In such a case, the driver would be absolved from their obligation to daven Mincha, but they would have to daven the Amidah of Ma’ariv twice. Their intent for the first Amidah they daven later should be for Ma’ariv, and the intent for the second Amidah should be for the Mincha that they could not daven.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team

  2. How about if one is a passenger in a car. Then can they daven mincha while seated in the car?

  3. Yes, if you are passenger you should daven Mincha in the car. You should put your feet together and daven whilst seating and bow at all the regular times.

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