Abortions for Medical Products


How many aborted fetuses used to develop a medical product would exceed the amount of aborted fetuses allowed?

If aborted fetuses are used ongoingly in development and the product contains human DNA fragments would this effect it being propper to use.




  1. Your question requires an expertise in medical matters that I do not possess. I would suggest that you ask your question to either Rav Osher Weiss or Rabbi Dr Akiva Tatz. Rav Osher Weiss is one of the most influential Poskim in our generation. He speaks English, Hebrew and Yiddish fluently. He is warm and compassionate and a world recognized authority on all medical matters. Rabbi Dr Akiva Tatz is based in London. Rabbi Tatz is a towering personality in the English-speaking world and he is also an MD.

    Rav Osher Weiss: 972 527 667 339 or tvuna1@gmail.com
    Rabbi Dr Akiva Tatz: 44 208 731 8267 or suzannetatz@googlemail.com

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team