A Safer World and a Sefer Torah


It seems to me the world is not a very safe place. Terrorist attacks, car accidents, sickness and other depressing things. I am curious: What place in the world would you, as a Rabbi, advise me to live in for safety? Thanks.

3 years


  1. Good question. Unfortunately, I am not a prophet and cannot give you a guarantee of safety for any place in the world. But I can share is a true story (that I heard from a person who heard it from the person that the story is about):

    There was a billionaire who was very concerned about living in the most “ideal” place in the world. He decided that if he could determine what that place is, he would move there with his wife and children.

    What did he do? He hired a research staff to spare no cost in determining the ideal place to live in the world. The factors that they were to take in account were safety, climate, crime, friendly people, (no or low) taxes, education — and many other relevant factors.

    The research team — each one of them top in his field — investigated, studied and delved into this question for months. And what was their conclusion? The Falkland Islands, one month before war broke out there between Argentina and England over sovereignty of these islands.

    Therefore, I will let you draw your own conclusion about trying to figure out where it’s safe.

    Having said this, however, it’s important to note what our Talmudic Sages teach. Following the ways of the Torah provides a certain degree of protection (Tractate Sotah 21). Obviously, this teaching requires further explanation for a more in-depth understanding. This can only be obtained by study with a teacher who is wise and has a “good grasp” of the Torah. The “personal” factor also plays an important role, and different people have different needs and lifestyles (Israel, US, UK, South Africa, Australia or someplace else). Therefore, I suggest finding a local Orthodox Rabbi with whom to discuss this matter. And whatever you decide, I wish you much success and happiness — and safety of course!

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team