Dear Rabbi Thank You for your Co-operation. I am very happy. I have many questions to ask. So I will ask frequently in future, I hope it will not make you angry. I read Holy TORAH in Bangla several times, but it was published by Bibel socity of Dhaka. Is it the same thing that you read in Israel? If not will you please inform me how can I get the original English version of Holy TORAH which you read? One More thing. I want to learn Hebraw. What os the good way. I speak Bangla, English and Espanol. Thank you. Please pray for me. Shamim

15 years


  1. You are quite welcome. Please feel free to submit your questions, but please one at a time.

    Regarding learning the Torah I would strongly recommend buying an ArtScroll Stone Chumash – you can order it online at – for about $50 and another approx. $25 shipping. It is an excellent translation with a terrific commentary.

    They also just published a book on the basics of Judaism which I whole-heartedly suggest getting – Gateway to Judasim by Rabbi Mordechai Becher.

    I am not familiar with your local Torah publication but I am somewhat sceptical of its representing true Torah principles.

    Learning Hebrew is tricky, but since you seem to have a knack for languages, so perhaps check out and contact them to see if they have suitable program they would mail you, and/or do a web search to find a book called HaYesod which I have heard is a good text for learning the language from a book.

    Best wishes from Jerusalem.

    Best wishes from the Team